Marvelous in My Monday #1

Welcome to my first edition of Marvelous in my Monday!  Here’s what made for an absolutely MARVELOUS day!!!

I started my day thinking that I was running late…half an hour late to work kind of late.  But somehow I was a whole hour off.  I iChatted my office manager letting her know that I was going to be late and still had to get gas.  I was freaking out–I’m never late to work!!  When she didn’t answer, it finally dawned on me that it was probably because she wasn’t even awake yet.  Then I realized I had a whole extra hour to drink coffee.  MARVELOUS!

I landed a new customer at work today.  If you’ve ever started a conversation with a cold call, and eventually it came to a sale, you can appreciate how MARVELOUS this is.

I did a MARVELOUS job of eating healthfully at work.  But then I went to Monday Night Football at Toby Keith’s.  Hello fried pickles.  And beer. And hot wings.  And cornbread.  Fail.  But we had a MARVELOUS time!  So I’ll count it as a win.

But honestly, the most marvelous part of this Monday?  It’s over!  And I’m home with my marvelous puppy, and my marvelous Ryan.

How did you make today marvelous? 


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